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The Dagga is our DH pedal. It was designed in collaboration with Chris Kovarik – one of the forefathers of downhill and flat pedal riding. Kovarik’s unique and high impact riding style inspired the Dagga’s key features – our largest platform, widest stance and most grip.

The Dagga features the same high strength chromoly axle system as all Chromag pedals with a double seal, inner bushing and outer cartridge bearing.

Largest Q-Factor, largest body, longest and largest amount of pins!

  • Too much pedal? Take a look at the Scarab.
  • If the pins are too aggressive, the standard pins also work with the Dagga. Use code SHINSAVER at the checkout to get 50% off standard pins with the purchase of Dagga pedals!

Profile // Concave Design, 14.3mm at platform center
Material // Alloy, forged then machined.
Size // 120mm x 115mm
Pins // 12 per platform, adjustable height, super grip
Weight // 480g/pair

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Customer Reviews

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Bryan S.
Who’s looking for a fight??!!

Rippa of a pedal. Scared to look at those sick pussies the wrong way. They’ll come at cha double cheeked up on a Tuesday and won’t let go. Chunky, just how I like my women and clingy as the ex. These pedals are more reliable than an avalanche rescue dog. Would recommend these to mee best mate and worst enemy so we could have a fight lata. There ya have it. Their straight daggas!!! Who’s yur daddy.

Teddy F.
Stuck like glue

This is my second pair of these pedals and I love them. These pedals are super sticky and have a large platform,pins are easy to change out. Best pedals on the market in my opinion.


The ultimate flat pedal!

Louis G.
Great pedals

I just keep buying more of them can’t get enough

josh H.
Dagga pedals

Absolutely unreal, feet never slip and I’m always able to grip when doing tricks like crank flips

Best pedals out there

Grippiest and best pedals for DH, bikepark, trail bike stuff! Once I got one pair I had to update all my bikes, once you try them you’ll see! Wide platform, solid build, highly recommended.

This has gotta be the best big pedal on the market

I have these on my DH bike and Enduro bike. They are extremely sticky and the wider platform really helps prevent foot fatigue. Pair them with some fresh Five Tens and you'll have grip for days! Just watch the Shins ... Pedal strikes are the real deal with these guys. Luckily grip is so good that slipped pedals are few and far between.

Robbie K.

Been riding flats since the early 90s. Finally found the best flats. Wide platform to give you that stable feel on the chunky/steeps, tons of grip (literally feels like you’re clipped in at times), they look dope and they take a beating. I’ve been using the same pedals for almost two years in the PNW and the bearings are still good. Give them a try. You won’t be disappointed

Profile // Concave Design, 14.3mm at platform center
Material // Alloy, forged then machined.
Size // 120mm x 115mm
Pins // 12 per platform, adjustable height, super grip
Weight // 480g/pair

Click here to view the pedal user guide.

CNC Machining is a process in which a piece of raw material or stock is cut into a final desired shape using a computer controlled machine and often several different machine tools. Depending on the operation in question different tools are called, for example ball mills, end mills, thread mills, taps and slitting saws to name a few, all have different uses and come in all manner of shapes and sizes.

Machining produces extremely accurate parts, often to within 0.001" (I know, Canada is mostly metric but the industry predominately uses imperial units), and is renowned for creating a very high-end look with 3D surfacing and clean, strong edges which forging cannot produce.

Because every aspect of the part must be "cut out" machined parts take a long time to produce. A Ranger body for example takes 20 minutes to machine (the face plate is made separately), then it still needs to be deburred, quality checked, anodised, laser etched and assembled.

Our CNC Machined parts are generally more expensive than our Forged parts.

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