Canadian-made frames include a single gloss colour paint job and black or white decals. But if you want to dream a little bigger, the sky's the limit!

This is a good place to start looking for some inspiration for your paint job. It helps to choose a RAL colour, but realistically we can take hints from cars, motorcycles, your favoutite TV show or even other bikes. Get in touch to discuss a colour you have in mind.

We have an extensive paint list for you to choose from.

Head to for our standard paints.

If you’d like to get a bit more fancy, check out

single colour gloss

Included with all Canadian frames this finish consists of a layer of primer, a layer of pigment (your choice of ANY colour!) followed by a layer of gloss clear coat. You can pick black or white decals for the finishing touch.

If you’d like your decals in something other than black or white, we can stencil them for $275.

dream A Little bigger

If you’re plans involve more than a single-colour gloss paint job, you’ve come to the right place.

We can accomodate cuts, fades, pealescent, matte, neon and metallic finishes. If you want to get really fancy we can offer custom steciling and hand airbrushing.

Matte Finish

A matte finish is achieved by adding a second layer of clear coat. It is a non-reflective coating and generally looks great on almost all colours.

Take care with areas that are consistently being rubbed against, the matte finish can end up being polished and losing its effect. To prolong the life of a matte finish, check out Muc-Off matte finish cleaner.

A matte finish costs $130.


Metallic paints are effectively the same as gloss paints, only with a small quantity of powdered metal flake added. Larger flakes of paint can also be added for a more reflective and textured effect.

Metallic paint tends to hide scratches and scuffs well due to its reflective nature. It also appears very shiny!

They can however be difficult to colour match for DIY paint touch ups down the road.

Metallic paint jobs start at $170.


Pearlescent paints add tiny ceramic crystals (often called “mica”) that don’t just reflect light but refract it too.

This gives the paint a sparkle and a deep colour that can vary depending on how you look at it, making for interesting effects as the tubes on the frame bend and change direction.

Pearlescent paint jobs start at $150.


Neon paints are bright, fun and really pop in the sun. These specific paint jobs have a self-luminating chemical additive that become excited in visible light. These additives continually decay over time, more so in UV radiation. These beautiful vibrant colours fade and chip over time. It is a tragic beauty. A 3M wrap is recommended. These options are hard to colour match for DIY touch up paint options.

This example also shows a fade.

Neon paint jobs start at $275.
Fades start at $275.


As you might expect, a fade constitutes fading one colour into another over a short distance. If the change in colour occurs across a distinct line, this is called a “cut”. Cuts are generally more expensive due to the masking involved.
We can fade anywhere from 2 - 4 colours, at any location on the frame you like.

2 tone fades start at $275.


This is a finish we can offer, but we don’t reccomend it. Let us explain:
There is no other finish that showcases and enhances the beauty of our welded steel frames better than clear coat on raw finish. However, clear coat on bare metal is a touch fragile and while it highlights the beauty of the material and process, it will expose the scratches, scuffs and marks on the metal. Over time the natural flex of the frame will introduce small cracks in the clear coat. Vapour can infiltrate these cracks and create a patina where they have formed. The rub of heels and knees, cables and bike racks not to mention general riding will add scuffs that can more quickly expose the bare metal. There really is no good way to repair the patina caused by frame flex.
That said, if you’re still into it knowing all of the above, we can make your dreams come true!

Raw paint jobs start at $100.

Full Custom

If you have big ideas and are looking for custom decals, airbrushing and/or several cuts and fades, we’ve got your back.
We work with both Dekerf and Fresh Paints on a variety of custom paint jobs. If you need help with some of your design work, we can help you along the way with that too.

Each of these jobs are so specific it’s best to get in touch to discuss bringing your ideas into real life!


Single Colour Gloss - Included
Stenciled Decals - $275
Matte Finish - $130
Metallic Flake - $170
Pearlescent - $150
Neon - $275
Fade/Cut - $275
Raw - $100
Full Custom - Get in touch!