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SPD compatible with extended traction


Pilot MTB Pedals Chromag Bikes SPB Compatible Mountain Bike Pedals
Pilot MTB Pedals Chromag Bikes SPB Compatible Mountain Bike Pedals
Pilot MTB Pedals Chromag Bikes SPB Compatible Mountain Bike Pedals
Pilot MTB Pedals Chromag Bikes SPB Compatible Mountain Bike Pedals
Pilot MTB Pedals Chromag Bikes SPB Compatible Mountain Bike Pedals
Pilot MTB Pedals Chromag Bikes SPB Compatible Mountain Bike Pedals
Pilot MTB Pedals Chromag Bikes SPB Compatible Mountain Bike Pedals
Pilot MTB Pedals Chromag Bikes SPB Compatible Mountain Bike Pedals
Pilot MTB Pedals Chromag Bikes SPB Compatible Mountain Bike Pedals
Pilot MTB Pedals Chromag Bikes SPB Compatible Mountain Bike Pedals
Pilot MTB Pedals Chromag Bikes SPB Compatible Mountain Bike Pedals
Pilot MTB Pedals Chromag Bikes SPB Compatible Mountain Bike Pedals
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A lot of us ride clipped in here at Chromag and we wanted to create a SPD compatible pedal with a platform that improved traction and support througout the ride!

☛ SPD compatable binding system with adjustable spring tension
☛ Extended pedal body with 8 traction pins per pedal
☛ F1 Axle system featuring hardened chromoly axle, dual seals, inner bushing and precision cartridge bearing
☛ Fully servicable axle system and replaceable binding interface

☛ Pair of pedals
☛ Spare pedal pins and washers for adjusting the pin height
☛ Pair of cleats

☛ Alloy, extruded / machined body
☛ Precision ground, hardened chromoly axle
☛ High density polymer bushing
☛ Cartridge bearing


Profile // 21mm at platform centre.

Material // Alloy, extruded then machined.

Platform // 87mm x 110mm

Stance // 57.5mm

Release Angle // 12°

Pins // 8 per pedal, adjustable height

Weight // 520g/pair

Click here to view the pedal user guide.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining is a process in which a piece of raw material or stock is cut into a final desired shape using a computer controlled machine and often several different machine tools. Depending on the operation in question different tools are called, for example ball mills, end mills, thread mills, taps and slitting saws to name a few, all have different uses and come in all manner of shapes and sizes.

Machining produces extremely accurate parts, often to within 0.001" (I know, Canada is mostly metric but the industry predominately uses imperial units), and is renowned for creating a very high-end look with 3D surfacing and clean, strong edges which forging cannot produce.

Because every aspect of the part must be "cut out" machined parts take a long time to produce. A Ranger body for example takes 20 minutes to machine (the face plate is made separately), then it still needs to be deburred, quality checked, anodised, laser etched and assembled.


Don't hesitate to reach out with any and all questions!

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Worldwide shipping

We ship anywhere in the world with competitive rates from UPS and FedEx. Alternatively you can pickup right here at Chromag HQ.

Service Guide

Need more info on setup, service and spare parts?

Check out our user guides here.


All of our parts are backed by a 1 year warranty.
After that we still have your back with our crash replacement program.

key features

All of our pedals are built upon this foundation.

G3 Axle System

We designed the G.3 axle system with longevity and serviceability in mind.

The G.3 system uses a high-strength chromoly axle with a double seal, inner bushing, and outer cartridge bearing.

Available here
Replaceable Pins

Our pin system is height adjustable via the included washers. They are easily replaceable from the other side of the pedal body, even if damaged. 

Some models feature alternate pin locations for customization, or if existing holes are damaged.

Each set comes with spare pins.

Available Here

All of our pedals are available in a wide range of colours to suit your style and match the rest of your bike.

(Even if your style is all black everything.)

Pedal FAQ's

All of our pedals use a 9/16" x 20tpi thread which is standard in the bike industry.

Our pedals will fit almost any bike with the exception of low-end 1 piece BMX cranks, some kids bikes or other very old bicycles.

Yes! You will get both a left and a right pedal.

Pedals have specific left and right threads (so they don't unscrew while you pedal). It is very important these are installed on the correct side.

The left pedal axle does have a little ridge around it (this becomes important if you are servicing your pedals), but the easiest way to tell is that the graphics/logos read the correct way around from the rider's point of view.

Yes! You will get some spare pins & washers in the box.

Your pedals will last a very long time. It's not uncommon for our pedals to last a decade or more with the right care.

The main wear you will encounter is damaged pins which are easily replaceable. If you run out, we sell packs here.

Sometimes it's a good idea to do a complete service on your pedals if they are running rough or if you have managed to bend an axle. You can change the axle, bushings and bearings which can be purchased here.

However more often than not, a quick strip-down, clean and regrease will keep your pedals running smooth for years to come.

Essentially Q-Factor is the distance between the pedal attachment points on the crank arms, also referred to as Tread. It could also be described as the width of your crankset. This affects your stance, if you've ever been snowboarding think of it as the same thing, essentially the distance between your feet.

Read up on it here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
A season in and going very strong

Full disclosure - I work at Chromag. But I have been using these pedals for a few thousand km's and have some thoughts that might be helpful to buyers. I've tried them with 3 different pairs of shoes and haven't had any issues with struggling to clip in, or hanging up on clip out. If you're having issues, a second washer can be added under the pins if needed, or the pins can be removed altogether depending on shoe and/or preference. I have tried them without pins and find that I still get the benefits of the large platform, but the float feels a bit more "free". With the pins, you can still clip out no problem, but it feels a bit more locked in place and resistant to twisting, like a flat pedal. I think experienced clip riders will like this feeling, but obviously down to personal preference. The anodizing on either side of the binding was pretty worn off after a couple months, from pedal strikes and/or from missing the binding when clipping in. And like any moving part, the bindings can start to squeak when pedalling after riding in dusty conditions. Just keep the bindings clean, and apply a bit of triflow on the springs to avoid this.

Not there yet.

I want a solid pedal with bright color for my new build and being a SPD user for years this seems like the logical choice. But as far as SPD goes, this unfortunately falls short in comparison to the major 'S' brand. The problem I have with these pedal is clipping in and out is not as smooth as the S brand. Upon closer inspection I think the problem lies with the toe bar being too low. The toe bar on the 'S' brand seems to be a hair higher or a little flare up depends on the model, allowing the cleat to be able to easily catch and slot-in in one swift motion. On the Pilot, quite often I've found myself need to seach for the entry point and sometimes the cleat will slide pass the toe bar. Such design also create problem when trying to exit. With a tighter space between the toe bar and the front of the cleat. The front of my cleats will always linger or get caught in the toe bar even when my foot have rotated way beyond the degree of release. I have to remind myself that I had to 'rotate and pull' to release instead of 'rotate' to release on my other SPD pedals. In fact when I was setting it up in my garage it fail to release and I felt to my side along with my bike locked to the trainer. Quit painful on the concrete floor and the tension on the pedal at the time was at it's lowest. I really like the overall design of the Pilot pedals and the build quality is top notch. But sometimes it only take some mirco differences in design to make or break a product. Kudos to chromag for the effort but I hope improvement will be made in the future. I'm all for supporting Canadian products.

Hi there,
thanks for your honest review and for taking the time writing it.
Mind sending me an email directly? We have an updated release mechanism, that I'd like to send out to you.

Thanks again,

Russ W.
Wicked Pedals

Got these the other day to replace some HT's - they are a great combination of clip in with some pins in case you miss it!

Zac S.
Durable, simple and good looking

The Pilot pedals have been the toughest I’ve used, I tend to bend a lot of pedals and have not managed to damage a set of the pilots yet. Their simple design provides good support for the foot with a big platform. This helps with foot cramps and gives more control over the bike. All in all a great pedal with a beautiful design and I would not run anything else.

Josh S.
Friggin awesome

You guys do a great job. Very high quality
Love the pedals.

Sebastian H.
Outstanding performance!

Love the Details, love the quality, love the products, love the performance!!!

Cleared for takeoff!

I've been really impressed by the build quality and function of these. Having used XT trails for years and wanting to try a pedal with more support and traction while unclipped, these fit my needs perfectly.
It's great having the familiar feel of SPD engagement with a more of a cage to provide more input for handling and moving the bike around, but the cages aren't so big as to interfere in tight situations.
Clipping in and out feels crisp and is intuitive. These are a great option if you're looking for Chromag build quality, looks and serviceability and a little more meat to your pedals than the some of the smaller options out there, without adding too much weight or bulk.

fully Clipped!

I'm very stoked on these pedals. I had to fiddle a bit getting them set up with my shoes - I found that the rear pedal pins (2 pins behind the cleat insert section of pedal) were grabbing the sole of my shoe and made it hard to clip out. SO I removed these pins and no problem - still a big cage to stand on while unclipped. Also found I had to tighten the spring to half way on the display to feel a good positive eject. Once set, I LOVE THESE PEDALS!