BA30 Rim

CHF 107

The rim for high-impact riding.

The BA30 is a quality alloy rim designed to withstand a real beating.

This is the rim for high-impact riding when the trails are rough and rugged. With an internal bracing structure, the BA30 has torsional stiffness for directional control in demanding circumstances. The BA30 features a thick bead wall adjacent the tire to resist impact deformation, with a wider, rounded top-edge to reduce sidewall cuts. The nipple/spoke bed is oriented to the spoke direction to reduce weakness caused by bend in the spoke at the nipple hole. The BA30 is made with premium alloy, extruded with an internal brace profile and carefully formed for consistent shape. It is then fusion welded and ground for a strong precise finish. Our fusion welding system leaves a perfect seamless joint that becomes the strongest section of the rim ensuring that your rim won’t split if you impact at the seam. 

Material // Premium extruded alloy
Finish // Fusion welded seam-ground finish
Profile // Internal bracing profile / Impact resistant design
Tubeless // Tubeless Ready
Rim Weight // 27.5: 611g / 29: 624g
Internal Width // 30mm
Valve // Presta
Max Tire Pressure 2.4" // 45PSI
Max Tire Pressure 2.8" // 30PSI
Max Spoke Tension // 125KgF
Build Info // 27.5" ERD: 566mm / 29" ERD: 604mm
Hole Count // 32


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I built the wheels myself and got them straighter than any wheel I've seen before. So straight that when you spun them fast they looked like they were sitting still. Been bashing them hard for a year on hardtail with no problems.

Paul C.
Excellent Roll Model

The BA 30’s pretty much deliver as promised. They stay true to form even after the occasional heart thumping miscalculated drop. The design feature where the rubber hits the rim is completely on point


These rims have been good to me. As I am notorious for blowing through rims they have been solid so far. Touch wood!

BA30 on BTR Belter

This is the stiffest rim I ever have. Dentproof . Stay true. Confident on maintaining riding line. Unfortunately theres a crack on the nipples hole. I change both rims with H**e rims and imediately feel BA30 much more stiffer. Now Im thingking to back to BA30

One tough rim

This is the only rim I now trust. I’m a super aggressive and hard rider and have been through lots of rims and this is the rim that can take all of the abuse! Would def recommend!

Reliable and look good

I'm running these rims on both my hardtail and my trail bike. They can take a good beating and look good doing it. Schwalbe tires are a tight fit, get some good levers! I can get Maxxis on by hand though.

Tough to a degree

I’ve been sending them hard for kind of two years, they were nice until de the hippie holes cracked, the rim still straight. I’m a bike mechanic and build them to specs torque an all... Anyways two years of mayhem is not bad at all

Ba 30 rims

They look great and are relatively light however they had severe wobble after 2 weeks of riding and felt like I was hitting a speed bump every half second. To top it off I discovered a crack along the spoke hole a week later and I didn’t even hit it on any distinct feature. At this point I was rather disappointed in chromag. Wouldn’t recommend to be honest

Hi Aaron,
We want to fix this. I can’t speak to the wobble but I would really like to take care of situation with the spoke holes. We'll be in touch asap.